Wizo Circus

Branding for Wizo College Graduate Exhibition.

We chose to conceptualize the branding with aspects of a circus. While creating the concept we thought about what Wizo means to us and how we see the school after 4 years of studies. We saw Wizo as a place for talents and various types of personalities, leading us to see Wizo as our very own circus.

We began the project with designing the main poster for the exhibition, followed by posters for each of the school’s departments.

We were asked to create signage for each floor of the building, and entrance sign, and personal signs for each of the projects. We chose to add a large roll-up for the side of the building as well.

For merchandise, we sticked to the concept and created branded items that fell in with the theme of Circus: A Popcorn Bucket, Soda Cup, Entrance Tickets, Bandana Mask and “Sack of Surprises” Bag.

For Digital we designed a landing page that would show each departments works, and Instagram Feed, as well as animation for Instagram Stories.

During the design process, we created elements, played with the font and created Copy that viewers could read as though being projected throughout a circus.

In Collaboration with Maayan Barazani

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